Thursday, January 15, 2009


This week starts your 16 week training program for the Indy Mini, if you're running. Some go with a 12-14 week program too, but why prolong the inevitable? The weather is making it a little tricky to get your running time outdoors so thank goodness for treadmills, I think. I happen to have a TV in front of mine, well, only until the digital switch. I haven't purchased a converter box yet. Anyway, if anybody has any great tips for indoor training or surviving the outdoors, please share.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Saturday Runs

Hope you all enjoyed a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Leave a comment and let everybody know what your race agenda is for 2009. (i.e. I hope to run the April 18th 10 mile goal run unless I'm helping Mac, the Indy Mini, the B2B relay, Parlor City Trot, Fort 4 Fitness, and the WOOF, that's a huge agenda for me) What are your plans?

Also, if you read the comment in the last post, Joe from Fort Wayne I assume, wants to know if anyone is running Saturday mornings, 8-9 min pace, on the trails. He is wanting to run with some from the area. Leave a comment on that post in case he comes back to check so we know who would be interested. Thanks.

I assume many of you are getting ready for the Indy mini and ready to start training soon. Best of luck and hopefully the Club can get some more group runs planned. See you at the next meeting.